Monday, January 18, 2010


Classes start back tomorrow. It'll be nice to get back into a schedule, but classes will suck.

I'm taking Database Processing under a lady that I can barely understand. If only someone else taught the class. I'm also taking Finance. I hate finance, but at least I can understand the guy teaching the class. Hopefully things will go better than I expect.

I hope I'm finally over my migraine from last week. We'll find out come morning. And I'll be at work either way. First week of classes, I can't afford to NOT be at work. Too busy there. My friend Dee did come up with a possibility for why i have such trouble with migraines and headaches. She thinks that maybe my blood is too thick. Which it probably is. Back when I was donating plasma, it would take 3 hours if I wasn't being sure to drink 12-13 glasses of water a day. (Ok, I would also be unable to get the finger stick to quit bleeding too when I was drinking like that...) Maybe if I up my water intake it will help with the migraines. It's a cheap thing to try anyway...

On a good note, a friend dropped off a small crochet C'thulhu for me today. It will be great on my desk at work!!!



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