Saturday, January 09, 2010


Like many other places, it is crazy cold in south MS. While I can enjoy the novelty of this weather, I don't want to live in a place that gets this cold regularly.

We actually turned the heat on in our apartment this week. Something we haven't done in the three and a half years we've lived in it. Of course, the cold weather is good for one thing. I think we're finally going to get the apartment door fixed.

The front door has never sealed off completely. We've complained and complained. They've worked on it a few times, to finally tell us there was nothing else they could do to it. (Nevermind that lizards and other things can crawl through. And yes, one night I DID find a lizard in my bed!) My father-in-law came over this morning and he is replacing some piece to fix it. I just hope it actually works. I would love to have a door that actually keeps things out....

I also want the cold to go away because I'm tired of feeling so bad. While I'm much better than I was over Christmas, I'm still having some sinus problems from the cold. About the time I get cleared up, it's time to go walking to work or home again. But I'm getting more wear than ever out of my London Fog coat that I bought in high school! (And I bought a pretty new scarf right before Christmas. It's nice and warm...)

I've gotten my classes set up for this semester. I'm taking Principles of Finance and Database Management Systems. One I will love, the other hate. Take a guess at which! I'll probably cry when I go get books next week. IF I can get all the books used, it will be $340. But I'm too closed to finished to slow it down any. 4 semesters and I should be graduating!

In other news, I'm reading The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. I started on Grave Peril last night and am enjoying it. I may take a short break from Harry after I finish this one though. I have several other books that I want to read as well.



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