Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Bit Random

I've got a migraine today, but had a couple of things to share anyway.

1) My poor husband had to sit out of our last two gaming sessions. The Kittah (his character) was turned to stone last week. It took the entire session this week to get her turned back to flesh. But my tiefling fighter had a lot of fun playing the distraction. She made herself the nude possession of the halfling who was possessed by the spirit of greed. This allowed her to shuffle through his belongings (ie, the group's loot) for any scrolls, potions, etc. that help in returning Kittah and the cleric to normal. And people say Dungeons and Dragons isn't fun....

2) On a similar note, recently watched The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. This was a very entertaining film about a group of gamers playing through a game. And a lot of the silliness that you find in a DnD game and gamers.

Ok. I know that there was something else from work yesterday that I wanted to mention, but I've completely forgotten it. I guess it will come back to me to past later, or it just really wasn't as great as I thought.



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