Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Weekend!

I'm SOOOOO happy for the weekend. Too bad it isn't long enough. As usual.

It was a tough week at work because it was the first week of classes. I was in bed by 9pm every night. In bed at 7 one night.

I've made a decent start on the schoolwork today. I read the first chapter of my database book, and made notes. And I did 2.5 exercises from my Access lab book. So I've gotten a good start on the school stuff.

I only had the database stuff today because we have been hanging out at the in-laws house. I'll read the first chapter or two of my finance book tomorrow. So I should definitely be prepared for class next week.

The amazing thing, I was diligent enough in the school work to even skip out on watching a movie. And the family was even watching Inglorious Basterds!


Iceman05 said...

That was your choice :-P


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