Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just a quickie...

Missed Wednesday morning weigh in because I was so sick. I weighed in on Thursday night, but I'm not posting it. My weight generally goes up 4-6 pounds between 7:30 am and 6pm, so I'm not counting it, other than as I didn't just skip it.

Also missed finance class because I was sick. Very bad since we have a quiz Monday and I have no idea how far he got in the lecture. May have problems in my database class because the teacher said not the take notes. Which means I'm not focusing on the lecture. I'll give it another week before talking to her about it.

Work is easing up a bit now that students have been in classes for a bit. Of course, we're switching student e-mail from an old internal system to gmail on Monday, so it's going to explode AGAIN.

And my inlaws took Josh and I shopping on the Coast this weekend. It was what they did for Josh's birthday this year, and we had a lot of fun. I got three shirts and three pair of pants, and a pair of new shoes. The shoes are solid black sneakers, the nice ones with springs in the heels. I wore them all day shopping, and liked them. About as much as ANY new pair of shoes. I'll like them a lot better after a week. I'm very excited about the clothes. Two pair of the pants are like a pair that I LOVE from Lane Bryant, but have worn out. The other pair are jeans from Jones New York. Those are so cool because they are cute decorated jeans NOT from Lane Bryant. And they are size 18. I've been having to stick to my size 20 pants lately since I gained so much weight this year. And Josh got, among other things, several more Dresden books. I'm happy he was finally able to find them.

Ok, my quickie was a bit long, but at least it's a bit of an update for you.

And, before I go, we may actually get L5R off the ground in Hattiesburg. We had a small tournament last night, shared a meeting room with Friday Night Magic. They were friendly and invited us to join them again. We had 4 players, and one of the Magic players said he'll join us some as he has been wanting to learn to play the game. The only game I won was against the guy newer to the game than me, but I felt I played well. And Josh even told me I did!!! That and the shopping trip has made for a good end to the week.


Fatinah said...

it's hard to weigh in at a different time of day - good for you for doing it.... I'd have been tempted to skip it!


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