Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mood Swings...

It's crazy sometimes what can cause your mood to swing. I was on a high when I posted earlier about my little weigh loss goal/challenge. Now I'm rather pissed.

At work my pens tend to walk off when I'm not at my desk. This wasn't as much a problem when our office bought our own supplies. However, now the main departmental office across campus does. And we don't get restocked often. So, I've been bringing my own pens so I have a decent one to write with. And keeping a crappy 'someone left it here' pen around of others to use.

Now, I've lost at least yet another pen. The ONLY ballpoint pen I owned. This makes at least 20 pens of mine that have walked off. In about 2 years. I guess I'll make a run by the other office to see if I can get some pens at lunch. Because all I have left are my REALLY NICE pens.

Why can't people respect other folks possessions and work space????

Ok, off my rant and on to lunch. I will hopefully be feeling better when I get back.



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