Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Monday....

Today was definitely Monday. It actually started on a positive note. I woke up AND got out of bed this morning. Sometimes it's 7 before I manage it, but I did it without an alarm this morning. I was up at 5:30. I enjoyed an incredibly leisurely morning before work. This was a good thing because it got pretty crazy at times!

Between lunchtime and class time this afternoon I hurt my wrist (the one I had surgery on last year). I was moving some kid's desktop replacement that weighed 15 pounds. After class I went to the apartment to pick up my old wrist brace. I think wearing it for the rest of the afternoon has helped a lot. I haven't put it back on since supper, but it will be going back on soon.

Finance class was actually good today. I made a 100 on my test last week. Now, if I can only keep the grade up like that!

And, the diet update. I finished out my flex points last night. All 35 are gone. I may or may not go over on my points tonight. I still have 2 left, so it's iffy. Depends on what kind of snack I might want later on. I'm not worried if I do though. I've tracked all my walking this week, even if I haven't calculated the points. I walked three miles on two different days this week, so I'm not really worried. Just curious to see the results Wednesday morning.

On a slightly different note, the Uni is currently doing a recyclethon. My department has a team. I took in a bag of recycling to the office tonight. I don't think our office will win though. There's a possibility that we may pull out of the contest. Apparently another portion of the department is having problems storing the stuff all week. Oh well. If we don't stay in, at least I know a lot of office cleaning went to recycling this past month! (Too bad it started AFTER my office did our major cleaning at Christmas. I know we sent a TON of stuff to recycling!)



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