Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Brilliant Day?

Today has been weird. Especially when a coworker told a kid to take her"password and broil it." Sorry, that statement was awesome enough to share.

It is crazy hot in our office. I'm always hot, but my coworker (the one that was alwyas freezing so I quit complaining about the heat) needed to borrow my fan for a few minutes. Maybe they will fix the a/c this time. It seems so weird so say that considering there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow.

I was right on target with my points yesterday. Today I think I might go over a little. I'll have maybe 6 or 7 points when I get home. (I started the morning out badly...) But tomorrow I weigh in and start a new week. With any luck I won't get sick and binge after a day or two. I haven't felt a real need to binge since Thursday's episode. So it should all be good! And, tonight is tacos because they are quick to cook since I'm limited in time before class.


Lori Ann said...

Congrats on staying OP yesterday! I totally can relate to the desire to binge!

Also, Thanks for stopping by my blog! As one MS girl to another you can do it! BTW, I'm a USM grad! Deaf Ed. Class of 2005! Good luck with your classes!


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