Friday, January 28, 2011

Fun New Dessert!

Today was the hubby's birthday. We both took off work and slept in. Then did lunch at Olive Garden.

He loved his birthday presents. He got a rockband mic with integrated XBox360 controller, and a small keyboard with a touchpad. This is for the computer in the living room.

Unfortunately we will have to return the keyboard. It has a short when charging, and the wireless receiver sparked when it was unplugged from the computer. It's range is about 12 inches. Not really useful.

On a better note, I made an awesome dessert for his birthday. It's a variation of a recipe from Green Lite Bites. You can find the video Roni made here. Her recipe is completely vegan, if I recall correctly. I made mine a little different. I used plain old fat-free milk, and used an orange instead of a Clementine. It was awesome, and Josh loved it. He wants me to make it with tangerines next. I though about taking a picture, but they were not pretty. I'll let you see Roni's for that.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, and I'm off to work on more schoolwork!



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