Saturday, January 15, 2011

Am I Ready?

I was successful in weight loss back when I blogged regularly. And I think if I get back into the blogging thing it will boast my success again. I've tried coming back to it in the past (since I quit in 2008) but it hasn't worked yet. Just like my attempts since then in Weight Watchers, I wasn't ready.

I think I have shown that I'm ready for the weight loss this time. I rejoined Weight Watchers November 9, 2010. I have lost 7.4 pounds since then. 6.4 pounds of that is on the new PointsPlus program, and the only gain during that time was New Years. And I know what caught me then. And it is not anything I normally do. I've been suffering from quite the migraine this week, so it likely will not be a good week again. But that is ok. I know that things happen, and am ready to accept this things without feeling like a failure.

I will try the blogging thing again now. I have not gotten back into exercise yet. BUT, that will happen this week. Not today, probably not tomorrow. I will definitely get a workout in before I finish this three-day weekend. That is my goal for the weekend. I hope this forum helps me. We'll see.

My To-Do List for the coming week:
-Get in a work out, most likely a Tae Bo video on Monday
-Go grocery shopping since I am out of food!
-Buy a food scale. (I had one years ago, but most of the pieces got lost during one move or another.)
-Get back to tracking my food (I do not feel bad about letting it slip during the migraine, but it's time to get back on track!)
-WEIGH IN MONDAY! (seeing the folks I chat with at the Monday WW meeting is the big event on Mondays and I always miss these folks when they are not there.)
-Make it through the first week of classes at the Uni without any major insanities.

So, here I am, trying again. And I'm thinking it should work this time. I'll be back in a few days to say more about what's going on with me now, and how I'm progressing on that to-do list.


Twisted Cinderella said...

Good for you! Welcome back. I know you can do this!

Amazon Alanna said...

Yea! I am glad to see you back, Cory!


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