Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Review

So, I had a pretty awesome weekend, with a couple of minor obstacles.

Friday at work wasn't too bad. Then I went home and read some while my husband took a nap. Then we went out to eat and went shopping. We didn't get home until nearly 10, and I cooked and did housework for close to an hour! He didn't care for what I had made, but I decided to carry it to the work party anyway. Maybe someone would like it.

Saturday rolls around and I'm up early cooking and cleaning again! So, I finish my cooking and shower and get ready to head out to the work party I had to go to. After a couple of various stops we had to make, we were about 30 minutes later than planned getting to the boss's very nice house. The party was fun, and I think even my husband had a good time. I entered my "nut crack", as the guys refer to my spiced pecans, into the cooking contest. I won second place, so the hubby and I have dinner for two at Applebees. As a door prize I also won a pound of coffee from Starbucks. I was informed that the recipe from Friday night, Baked Cinnamon Crisps, was good. For exactly the reason Josh didn't care for it. Makes me happy I took it with me!

After leaving the boss's house shortly after 5 we headed out to hang out with our friends Shay and Dee. We spent 2.5 hours in their pool. It was a TON of fun. We ended up watching Batman Begins later in the evening. I slept through a bit of it though because I was a little tired. And all the time in the pool left my back in nasty shape. I was glad I had filled by painkiller prescription Friday night!

Sunday was the Pepper's Party at Dee's house. That was a blast even though there were only 5 folks there. Dee had gotten veggies and fruits and I brought stuff for a cheese tray. She also had little weenies. We had a fantastic time during the party, and I had fun getting everything set up with Dee. It was also a lot of fun to hang out with just girls. Normally we're overrun with guys!

Anyway, back at work this morning and we're a bit busy. One of our guys is on vacation this week and it's left us terribly short handed. I'm hoping that we are back to normal by tomorrow and not so busy!

Oh! And another minor inconvenience. I'm in two separate walking challenges right now. And I wear a pedometer to help me keep up with my walking. Apparently I lost my pedometer out at Dee's last night. Or possibly before I got there. I'm not terribly sure. All I know is that I'm lucky I knew were a cheapo one was at the house so I could have one for today! I'm hoping to find mine, but if not I guess I'll just have to replace it.


ArleneWKW said...

I hope everything is going well with you. I've had a pedometer that I never used for years. I finally tried it and discovered that, if it ever worked, it no longer does. I'm thinking of picking up one at the next WW meeting. It would be nice to know how long some of my hikes are.

Fatinah said...

Hi! It is June 24 and I'm just checking in to see how things has been a while - hope all is well!!

Tigerlilly said...

Havent heard from you in a while.. hope your doing well.

I am de-lurking myself to ask a favor. I am making a blogger quilt and am asking all my favorite bloggers to dig down deep and find your creative side. Would you be willing to quilt a 12" X 12" square? Make it reflect who you are!

email me at if your interested!

dancer-in-me said...

I am back!! I have started back paying attention to my blog. I have been reading your faithfully though. Were are you?? Hope you are hanging in there!

Amazon Alanna said...

We miss you! Please come back...I hope everything is okay!

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

You gonna get back to posting now that summer's drawing to a close? I hope so!


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