Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Weigh In

Well, being completely and totally broke was good for one thing this week, I lost 2 pounds! I guess not eating out is a bigger thing than I had thought!
Ok, so I knew it was having an effect. I just didn't realize it was that much! Because that is the only thing I did different. I've been exercising just the same. Walking is almost all that I do. I'm doing a light strength training program, but nothing major. I'll be kicking that up in the next few weeks and doing more.
That 2 pounds this week was a nice thing though. It really makes me feel like I can accomplish my goals this year. I'm now three pounds down for the year with only 19 to go to hit my goal for the year. I still hope to blow it out of the water, but I want to keep things simple and achievable. And I do know that it will take effort and work on my part.
Well, even while I'm not doing a ton of commenting, I have been reading everyone's blogs. I promise I'm not ignoring you! Everyone seems to be doing fantastic. And now I'm off for something work or something.....


jodi said...

i think your 2 pounds found me! just kidding - congrats on your loss! that's awesome! and i'm sure it has a little something to do w/not eating out so much esp. if that's all you changed... could be a fun experiment! keep it up! :o)

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Congrats on your loss!


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