Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Peril's of Work...

I've been a bit psyched lately because we had a new guy start at work. We've been seriously short handed since February, and short handed for a while before that. The guy had been working out pretty well. He was interested and able to talk about a lot of the stuff that is discussed in a helpdesk environment. IE, computers, video games, movies.
Well, while I was off work sick this Monday he apparently called in because his wife was sick and he had to carry her to the doctor. Then he didn't call in or show up Tuesday or Wednesday. My boss-type lady (I honestly don't know WHAT she really is...) finally heard from him this morning and apparently he's quit since the wife is sick.
I hate that he had to quit because he was a great guy. It made lunch time in the office a lot better. And if he had to quit, why couldn't it have waited until NEXT week. I have to skip work for a graduation ceremony tomorrow afternoon, and we're even more short handed on Fridays than the rest of the week.
Oh well. I'll probably just be working by myself for an hour while the other two folks in the office eat lunch. Not like I haven't done that before. And who knows, maybe someone will volunteer to do lunch at MY usual lunchtime of 11am. (I was going to have one of the guys go at 12 since both of them went at 1.)

Now I wonder if I'm the only one going to graduation tomorrow. It's one of my friends FINALLY graduating, and I don't know if any of our other friends that work for the university are taking off to go or not. If it's just me that will still be cool, but a little lonely. Graduations are boring!



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