Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I gained either 1.5 or 2 pounds this week. The nice WW lady forgot to write the info in my weigh in book, and I wasn't paying all that much attention at the time to what she was writing in my folder. She was a bit busy this morning. There were at least 10 people there to weigh in when they opened. There's usually one 4 or 5, and I was the only one that is normally there. The rest were people I didn't recognize.

I plan to hit the gym tonight. I'll probably just hit a bike for a while. It's time that I get back to going though. I haven't been going for a while, and I need to. Exercise is good for me, so I should take advantage of my gym membership. Josh has Aikido tonight, so I will probably go with him. I'll take a book with me. That way I have something to actually do while I'm on the bike.

Otherwise things are going fairly well. I'm surviving my return to work and have already picked up my school books for the semester. Or, at least, the ones I know about.

Back to work now. Talk to y'all later!



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