Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

Sorry I haven't been around. I got online twice over the holiday. Once to check my mail and once to look up something for a DnD character. I decided that I needed the time away from a computer.

I had a really good holiday. I got new clothes. Which I desperately needed. I even lost a half pound the week of Christmas! I stayed the same this week though.

I never did get my Christmas cards in the mail. So I'm sending them out tomorrow ( or the next day) as Happy New Year! cards. Life just got a bit away from me and they never got finished. I feel bad about it. Oh well. I'm not perfect.

Now I had better get back to work. Nearly two weeks off makes things a bit busy!


Anonymous said...

I didn't get my Christmas cards in the mail in time either. I ended up handing them out to people as I saw them. Oh well, better luck next year right?

JOY said...

I can't believe that you lost weight at Christmas! You must be the only person in the world!

I didn't know you already were a member of Extrapounds.

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas and am sure you will have a fantastic 2008!

I wouldn't worry about the cards - all your friends and family will know that you send them good wishes anyway at Christmas and the new Year - you don't need to send a card to tell them.


Candace said...

Feels great to lose over the holidays, huh. Don't know what kept me on track this year, but I was focused and felt awesome.

JOY said...

Hi there!

Was wondering how everything is going!

Hope you are continuing on your weight loss program.


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