Friday, January 11, 2008

Quickie Update

I have faithfully tracked everything since my weigh in on Wednesday morning. And I only went over on my points one day. So I STILL have 34 extra points left for the week. That's an achievement for me. Now I just have to keep it up throughout the weekend!

I went to the dentist yesterday afternoon. Surprisingly I didn't have any cavaties. I hadn't been to the dentist in over a year! However, I have an appointment with an oral surgeon on Tuesday to talk about my wisdom teeth. The dentist thinks I should have them taken out this year sometime. I figured there was no sense in waiting. So we'll see when the oral surgeon wants to do it.

We found out last night that a good friend's mother passed away. She apparently had a heart attack, although I don't know any real details yet. I'm sure he will call and let us know as soon as the arrangements have been made. We'll probably be heading down to the coast at some point this weekend to see him and his dad. I woudl appreciate it if you could keep him family in your thoughts.

Well, I had better get back to work. We've been crazy busy this week. Y'all have a wonderful weekend!


Fatinah said...

congrats on great tracking. so sorry about your friend's loss. how awful.

JOY said...

Way to go on the points left for the week - I think you deserve a little treat with them.

Sorry to hear about your friends mother passing away. I am glad you are there for him. I will say a prayer for them all at this sad time.

Oh painful! Wisdom teeth can be so sore - listen to your oral surgeon as they can lead to so many complications.

Lovely to hear from you Cory and see you are right on track - I wouldn't expect anything else!

Love ya,

dancer-in-me said...

Sounds like you are in the swing of things. I too am back to counting my points. Congrats on having so many left. Sorry to hear about your friends mother. I will say a prayer. YIKES on the wisdom teeth out though. I still have mine. The dentist I have said he believes they are there for a reason and unless they are bothering you he doesn't believe in pulling them out. I LOVE HIM!! I am scared to death of needles. :)

Christine said...

Gosh I hate dentists. In the past several years I have had eight teeth pulled, braces, and jaw surgery. I reluctantly gave up my bottom wisdom teeth - but I still have my top ones. The oral surgeon did tell me that I could keep them now - but if they ever started to change my smile, or cause me any discomfort - they would take them in a heartbeat. I have paid $5000 for this smile - and I guess I will have to listen to him.

Good for you for keeping on track. And also thoughts and prayers going out to your friend.

totegirl said...

Awww...sorry about your friend. That's heartbreaking.

Good job on the dentist, and excellent job on the points!


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