Friday, January 25, 2008

More Wardrobe Issues...

Apparently there is something about me that affects clothing. Of course, this time it is something of a nice thing.

Because I moved to a slightly warmer climate from where I grew up, I haven't bought, or really worn, any heavier sweaters for a while. All the ones I have are from highschool. Today, since it's been cold, I decided to wear one of my old sweaters.

When I got to the office a coworker jokingly asked me when I was due. This sweater is huge on me! (It was probably a bit big in high school too. I used to wear my clothes loose to cover up the fact that I was fat. Yeah, like you couldn't tell anyway!)

So, now I will have to go through and clear out several of my old sweaters. Most of them are in fairly good condition, but they are too big. I kinda dread going through them to be honest. I love sweaters (even if I don't live in a climate to wear them anymore!). The only good thing I can come up with this is that I will be freeing up a decent chunk of space in my second closet. (It's a small closet, but the sweaters completely fill it up!)

I will see about donating them to a used stuff store up in Tupelo, MS, that runs to support veterans, probably. Who knows, I might even manage to come up with enough between that and some other stuff to itemize for my taxes come next tax season...


Cara said...

How nice is that though to know you are smaller than you were in high school? that is awesome!

JOY said...

Way to go! Most of us put on double since high school (well I did anyway).

Bet you are chuffed to bits about it!


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