Monday, June 29, 2009


Not about the recent celebrity deaths... I don't care about those, to be honest.

My doctor has grounded me. No biking for two weeks. I won't go into why, it's not really important. And it's probably a good thing anyway since I'll be getting an epidural for my neck on Thursday.

I went with a bunch of friends to see Transformers 2 this weekend. It was a pretty good movie. You should definitely go see it if you enjoy an action movie.

I've been trying to play a 'new' game on the DS. Atlus recently re-did The Dark Spire. It's freaking HARD. So I've switched back to playing Luminous Arc 2. It's proving a little hard since I'm more than half-way through, but I'm enjoying it a lot more.

I also read a good book this weekend. Love without Blood by Raz Steel. It's a romance novel, but doesn't really read that way. I also didn't figure out the title of the book until the VERY end.

Well, I'm off to working and blog reading, and all that stuff. Have a great week everyone!


Fatinah said...

sorry to hear you got grounded with your bike!!


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