Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Been Away....

Ok. I've REALLY been away from my blog for a while now. But I'm back. No guarantees on what posts will be like for the next little while, but I'm GOING to post. I'll probably get folks up to date on what's been going on over a few posts.

Honestly, I just haven't really felt like writing. Nothing personal, just haven't wanted to. However, I had quite the little wake up call at the Weight Watchers office this morning. I was up 4 pounds! And even if I'm not writing about weight loss or how I'm doing in that area, I'm still more conscious of that when I'm writing here. Something to do with the name of the blog, I think. So I'm back.

Back in April I was diagnosed with a ganglion cyst in my left wrist. Great to know why I was hurting so much. I had it removed at the end of April. According to the doctor I'm doing well on my recovery. However, he says it will be winter before I stop having some pain. At least I have a general idea of the when. 6 months to do, and he said the pain should be gone by the time my scars go white! Yeah, a measuring stick there too.

I managed to get an A and a B in my Spring classes. Summer classes started this week, and I like my teachers. The course material is another matter entirely. My finance class is two nights a week for the month of June, and I'm taking the Legal Environment of Business one night a week for two months. These classes are 6pm-10pm. It kinda sucks. But I have to take them to graduate. Unfortunatley, this kills my gaming schedule for June. :(

A few weeks ago the hubby and I, along with a group of friends, went to Mobicon in Mobile. It's a small gaming convention. We had a blast. Some of us playtested a new game, Untold. It was awesome! I just sent in a request to get play test materials so my group can play it some more. Especially since not everyone was able to attend Mobicon.

Let's see, nothing else of major importance. I've just been lazy. I'm off to work on finishing up my homework for class tonight. 2 problems to go, or he won't give me the answers!


Michelle said...

Good job on the A & B!

It really sucks when school cuts into the fun stuff eh? I've been taking night courses for the last 3 years & notice I don't get much down time as long as the course is on.

Fatinah said...

welcome back!

Becky said...

Glad to see you back in the blogging world! =)


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