Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And, another update with a long break

Well, at least it wasn't months this time before a new post.

I managed to lose one pound this past week. Considering I had gained up to 215, I hope I do better this week.

I may drop my finance class this summer. I have to contact the teacher tomorrow to see just how bad my test grade was. It's certainly not good though. I think that class will definitely need to be taken as a full semester course.

I did fine on my Legal Environment of Business test though. Well, I won't get a grade until next week, but I know I did fine on that test. So at least one class is going well. I'm really enjoying this course. I hope I can take something else under the professor later.

On a different note, my bulging disc might be getting worse. I'll be having an MRI next week to compare it to the last one (six years ago).

My wrist seems to be doing better from my ganglion cyst excision. I'm still having muscle craps in my hand, but that may go on a while.

Well, that's very bland, but that's life at the moment too. I don't have much going on outside of school. Of course, that MIGHT be changing by Friday if I do decide to drop finance. I can't decide which I would really prefer!


Fatinah said...

good to hear from you!!


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