Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WOW, Two posts in a DAY!

Ok, I went to weigh in at lunch. I got to weigh in witht he newbie worker, which as just fine. I generally weigh with the older lady that works there. She was actually the reason I quit attending meetings, but she's grown on me. Anyway, considering I was going at lunch instead of the morning, I was already planning out my rationalization arguement for a gain. Or, if it was a big one, part of the gain. I really expected to have gained 2 pounds. I had actually lost .5!!!! So, naturally I had a not good for me lunch from KFC. I didn't have anything to eat at home since I'm doing my shopping tonight!

Then, I get back to the office and have this incredibly rude e-mail from some student who can't figure out how to "Press 4 for a technician" and wait. Instead she presses EVERY OTHER OPTION and listens to the recordings until she's spent over $5 in long distance charges. And had the nerve to yell at us via e-mail. THEN, we she gets the automated reply to her message to us, she e-mails back complaining about how the messages says the person can always call us if it is a critical problem!!!

Oh well. I'm getting over it now. I answered her question, I hope. If she had sent us her phone number, I would have called her back! But she's not that smart apparently!

Ok. I'm over my grouching. Almost every student I've dealt with this fall has been extremely nice and understanding. So it's no surprise that the angry ones are pretty rough. At least it was an easier morning today than yesterday!!!


dancer-in-me said...

Congrats on the loss!!

Twisted Cinderella said...

Sorry she was grouchy with you!

Congrats on the loss! That is awesome!

ArleneWKW said...

Yaaaay for getting rid of the .5 lb. Isn't it interesting how strangers can bring our blood to a high boil? I often wonder how I can give them so much power and then turn around and do the same thing with some other obnoxious person.


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