Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One of my favorite authors, Colleen Gleason, is part of a fundraiser for CF. She is also doing a promotion this week, so check out her blog and give her some encouragment!

Things are going alright for me personally. Yesterday at work was pretty tough, but today hasn't been nearly as bad. With my coworker out I've decided to do my Weight Watcher weigh in at lunch until she is back. My center doesn't open until 7:45, and they have been pretty busy the past couple of Wednesday mornings. While I've been known many times to weigh in and get to work before 8, I don't want to risk it with only two people working in the mornings. I really hate weigh in at lunch (messes up my weight!!) but that's ok. It's the long run I'm worried about anyway.

I'm doing good in my classes so far, although I've really got to start working on my Economoics studying. Since I'm not attending the lectures for the next bit (until AFTER the first test!) I really need to be reading and doing problems. But it's boring and I don't want to! LOL

Well, I just wanted to give y'all an update. I think I've read everyone's blogs now, with the exception of a couple of new posts. I didn't leave comments everywhere, but I am reading again. I'm also slowly getting active on SparkPeople again. It's great to be catching on everyone's lives again. I certainly missed A LOT!


Twisted Cinderella said...

I like weighing in first thing in the morning as well. But weighing in at lunch makes sense in your situation.

Glad to be catching up with you again.


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