Saturday, September 06, 2008

Just the Weekend

I've had a fairly easy weekend so far, and somewhat beneficial.

We stayed in last night. I read a book for a little while and did nothing else.

This morning, I stayed home while Josh went to help his parents with some yard work. I did some simple chores around the house and a little studying, although I will have to hit that harder tomorrow. We bought a Clorox ready-mop a few weeks ago, and let me say that it makes mopping a more pleasant task. We only have three small pieces of non-carpet in the apartment, so mopping was always a weird task before.

Josh's parents decided to come into town and take us to eat and to a movie tonight. We went to see Bangkok Dangerous. It was a good movie, although the others weren't pleased with the ending. While I wish it had ended differently, I wasn't really surprised. Or THAT disappointed. It kinda made sense to me.

Also, between eating and movie time we went shopping. I went window-shopping at the local mall with my MIL, something I generally don't do. She's a few sizes smaller than me, so we don't shop the same sections of the store. After a while she decided to take me to Lane Bryant and look for something in my size. I lucked out. She bought me two pair of pants and two tops from the clearance rack! I'll have to take some new pictures pretty soon and post for everyone. I'll do that in one of my new outfits! Also, since I got my hair cut off back in July I haven't taken a decent picture.

Well, I hope that everyone is having a good September so far, and I'm slowly working through my blog list to catch up. Hopefully I'll be able to get that done in a reasonable amount of time!



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