Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Successful Week

I've done rather well this week, and am proud of myself for it. LOL

I tracked my food and exercise every day, and even had a few points of my weekly allowance left at the end! I also took my meds every day. I've got a sticker on my wall calendar for tracking and one for my meds every day. I'm going to keep this up. Seeing the calendar with its pretties is helping me remember. (It's hanging right outside my bathroom door!)

And, all this committment lead to a success at my weigh in this morning. I had lost the 3 pounds I had gained last week. So I intend to keep it up again this week.

And I should wish my sick hubby a happy birthday. He's got a cold, and turns 28 today. What a way to spend your birthday, huh? His parents are taking us to Olive Garden tonight to celebrate. Luckily his mom waited until AFTER his 7:15 am alarm to call this morning. She used to call him before his alarm went off!

Well, I'm sure there's other great stuff to mention, but I don't remember it! More later...


Fatinah said...

wow - what a great job!


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