Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quickie Update

I'm doing alright still. I lost 1.5 lbs this week. I had to weigh in early because the WW center will be closed Wednesday. It was my usual ladies doing the weigh ins yesterday though. I was happy to hear that they will be open next Wednesday so I can get back to my usual early morning Wednesday weigh in. I had to weigh in at lunch last week.... I had stayed the same. It will be interesting to get back to my normal time so I can see what I have really lost. I'm several pounds heavier at the end of the day than the beginning, like most people.

Last week we went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Jackson. They put on an awesome show. If they come near you, and you can get tickets, it's well worth the money!!!

With the third week of new WW material, I still like the Momentum program. However, I have yet to spend more than two days REALLY following it! Figures, huh??? I'm going to though! I do like the new weigh-in book though. And it is a BOOK! There is a pocket in the front for your daily tracker, an A-Z food list, then a section about goal setting. Then it has 56 weeks of weigh-ins. And your points finder is attached to the back. It's really cool! And there are 10 weeks of new material covering the plan.

So far I'm enjoying my Christmas break. I managed to get all of my Christmas presents early, and got them wrapped without having to buy any Chrsitmas paper. Of ocurse, then we were given my Mother-in-Law's new laptop, Christmas from the FIL, to get updated, install software, etc. So now I have to wrap it. I was talking about going to buy another thing of Christmas paper since I'm out, but I really think I might just use some of the wrapping paper that was left with the apartment when we moved in. I don't really like it, but that will keep me from having to go out for some.

The hubby is off work for the rest of this week. We'll be doing Christmas with his parents tomorrow, then head out to visit my parents a few days. I'm looking forward to spending some time with my parents since we don't see them often. Momma will probably also help me take up all my pants that will probably be too long!

I got my hair cut this past Saturday. It had grown out way past what my last hair style was really designed for. But, five months will do that! It's simple now. Falls to my shoulders with some long layers. I'm planning to put some purple streaks in it over the Christmas break. I'm thinking some in the bottom layer, and then some on the top. But we'll see what I actually do next week! I'll be sure to post a picture...

Well, I think I'll catch up on a couple of blogs and then try and get some actual work done today... Merry Christmas y'all!


totegirl said...

OMG that hair coloring sounds AWESOME! Do it! I'm with you on the paper. Don't buy anymore, just use what you have. I'm wrapping some of my stuff in the Sunday funnies.

Great job on the Momentum front. I'm so far behind...

Happy holidays lady!

ArleneWKW said...

Purple streaks. I like that alot. I'm pleased that you found some time to blog and glad that WW has a new approach that seems to be motivating you. Merry Christmas and onwards to an awesome 2009.

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