Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wednesday/Week's News

I've had several somewhat interesting things in my life lately. I might actually get around to telling y'all about some of it in detail later.Right now, I've just got some higlights.

I weighed in at WeightWatchers yesterday. I had gained 1.5 lbs, but that's ok. It's still a 1.5 loss for two weeks and I'm happy with that. And considering I weighed in the week before in pjs, it evens out.

I went for an eye exam yesterday. I'll get my trial contacts in about a week. And although the doctor didn't say anything about it, I've apparently developed an astigmatism. I saw the code circled on my chart while the lady was putting the stuff in the computer for me to pay. I thought that was kinda interesting. I wonder if it's one eye or both??? I'll ask when I go back I guess.

My husband had applied for a new job, but didn't get it. They decided half-way through the interview process that they wanted something different than what they originally asked for, so Josh didn't fit their needs anymore. We're kinda pissed because he cut his hair for that interview. (He's been growing it out since right after we got married nearly 2 years ago!)

We went to the Taste of Chaos concert last Saturday in Biloxi. It was cool although the filler bands sucked for the most part. The three J-Rock groups were awesome though and the bought cds for MUCC and D'Espairs Ray. I REALLY liked them. I have discovered that I'm old though. I was perfectly content to just sit in the stands from beginning to end, except for getting the cds signed.

Well, that's the highlights. I'm off to give my eyes a break from the computer if work will allow for it! Y'all have a fantastic day!


Matt said...

Good to read your blog, even if I don't comment on it all the time.

Sweet Melissa & Saucy Sandy said...

Hi There, I saw your blog, I think you might like my friend and mine’s!
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Melissa & Sandy

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

How are you doing, Cory?


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