Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fitness Assessment

So, it's no real news to anyone that I haven't done very well weight-wise since the beginning of February. I lose a little, then gain it back. Over and over. Today marked the end of the Biggest Winners program at work. The program I did next to nothing for really. (I probably won't do it again simply because the times never work out for me!)

Anyway. One of the things is meaurements and body fat calculation. Since Feb . 6th, I've lost 13 inches total from shoulders to hips. My arms and thighs didn't see any differences. And my body fat went down to 35.6%, that's a 4.1 drop!

That being said, I guess I can't be too upset that I haven't lost anything pound-wise. Those numbers are great! I wasn't expecting any major changes in any of them.


Fatinah said...

Wow Cory - that is just so great! You're the incredible shrinking lady!


Congrats on the inches/fat loss! That's great! I'm jealous, for sure.

When you have a sec, can you give me the update on the step total for last week? I'm trying to update my list (two days late -- I'm a slacker).

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Wow, your drop in body fat is awesome!

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