Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Turning Around...

So, I stayed the same this week instead of gaining again, so things are finally turning around for me. Hopefully next week will show a loss of some small amount. I certainly going to try for it. I hope it goes well...
I'm starting a new 3 month journal on WW this week. This is my way of putting the past few weeks behind me and moving forward.

On the exercise note, Tigerlilly is starting an awesome walking challenge. Go check out the blog, see if you're interested in participating. It's just walking, and it's at your own pace. Sounds like it will be fun, and it starts on Monday!

Well, I'm off to hopefully finish up a couple of things before the end of the work day. (And figure out what I can eat for 6 points tonight!!!!)


Fatinah said...

you know, in the last challenge I started one of the 3 month journals from WW. I finished it during this past challenge. It really worked. I think that is an awesome idea for putting things behind you. I found that most days I was so excited to write in my journal it kept me on track. I know, I'm a freak!


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