Tuesday, December 04, 2007

LA Renn Fest

I went with friends to the Lousianna Renn Fest this past weekend. We had a blast!

We met up with the first set of friends at 8am and headed out, and after two more stops finally had everyone from here together. We met the rest of our group at the Festival around 11:30am.

We walked around the place, did a lot of window shopping. I watched the Birds of Prey show, the Joust, a juggler who was cool (I forgot his name, I just know it wasn't Jamison!), and the Tortuga Twins. I hate that we missed the Duelists show though. But that's what happens when you get there so late. It's hard to see everything!

We did get to see the Queen's parade, and got a saranade. I got fitted for a bodice at one of the shops. But I didn't like the selection they had in my size. It'll be a while before I need one anyway. :) I did buy two pair of earrings while I was there though.

My friend Dee and I have decided that we WILL dress up next year. She should be able to help me get a costume together. I just have to remember to work on it along the way. It would even be nice to have it for halloween next year. Then I would have something to dress up as too!!!


JOY said...

Seems like you had a great time!

I love festivals.

Got your lovely letter today and I've been smiling ever since.

I hope to be around for a lot longer to encourage and support you. I'm blessed to have you.


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