Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Starting Fresh

I've been attempting to lose weight for a while now, with no success whatsoever. If anything I've been gaining. I am willing to lay all blame at my feet. And then stomp it into the ground.

Work's been a little crazy, although not enough to cause this.
There have been ants in the kitchen so I can't cook. (This is one that is somewhat legitimate. We declared the kitchen ANT FREE just last night!)
My knee's been hurting a lot lately. (DUH! It's the stupid weight gain. It'll hurt m ore unless I loose some more weight.)

This list could be longer, but I just don't feel like going further. This isn't about laying the blame for what has been done wrong. It's about changing my behaviors and starting to do it right.

For the rest of this week I plan to just work on my mindset. I'm not even going to check the scale right now. I'm not counting calories or points. I'm not even going to worry about getting exercise in every day. I think this is where my problem has been. I havent' been able to get my head on straight where this is concerned. Today it all changes.

Thanks to Twisted Cindy for the motivation. If you can do this, I know I can too!!!!



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